Deutsche Asset One | Manager für Wohnimmobilien in Deutschland
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Welcome to Deutsche Asset One

Asset Manager for Real Estate

Deutsche Asset One is an established Investment and Asset Manager, specializing in the Residential Real Estate asset class.  Deutsche Asset One was established by Dupuis Asset Management (founded 1998).  For over 20 years, a proven performance record in the building and managing of Residential Real Estate portfolios for distinguished Institutional Clients and European Family Offices has been demonstrated.  As an independent, managementowned Investment Boutique, we offer no individual products and are thus free from any conflicts of interest.  Through a high vertical, we provide deep added value in Residential Real Estate, including sophisticated processes and IT.

Our Strength

Independent & Owner-Managed

Deutsche Asset One is an independent, owner-managed investment management company in the mould of a “Real Estate Investment & Asset Manager” offering its clients comprehensive services for all their real estate requirements in the style of an “investment boutique”.

Our Services

Investment Management


  • Develop investment strategy and execute investment criteria
  • Define portfolio property acquisition profile


  • Deal flow, preliminary review of investment opportunities, research and purchase calculations
  • Managing the purchase process and relevant parties (banks, external due diligence, etc)

Transaction Process

  • Committee and decision papers
  • Contract negotiation and contract execution
Asset Management

As a Residential Real Estate Asset Manager, we offer core competency investment, asset, and corporate management integrated with long-standing personal experience.


In Asset Management, this includes:

  • Business planning, budgeting, and controlling
  • Reporting with detailed processing and analysis
  • Research interpretation of market data with sourcing, preparation, and analysis
  • Comprehensive data and document management of available historical and transaction data
  • Selection of project partners, including fully integrated property management
  • Intensive property and tenant supervision as well as highly involved vacancy letting
  • Commercial and technical project management
  • Ongoing and consistent cash-flow optimization of income and expenditures
Corporate Management / Financial Services

Our investment and asset management mandates are reinforced through professional services in the areas “Corporate Management” and “Financial Services”.  The following range of offerings are available in accordance with the needs of the client:


Corporate Management

  • Domiciliation of special purpose entities
  • Support with corporate structuring
  • Hiring of management teams
  • Organization of corporate documentation and decision making processes
  • Involvement and coordination of external providers such as law and tax experts


Financial Services

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services for individual investments and special purpose vehicles
  • Prepartion of annual financial statements, either in-house or through delivery to external partners
  • Support of auditing processes
  • Delivery of financial reports
  • Deleivery of raw and financial data in accordance with agreed upon formatting and interfaces
  • Tax compliance in accordance with real estate law provided through in-house or external tax professionals


Risk Management/Compliance

Both value drivers and risk drivers need to be identified early on and consequential effects have to be modeled in each case. However, this is not in itself sufficient. It must also be ensured that a system of rules is in place in order to mitigate and/or prevent such risks.


  • IT-supported risk analysis
  • Proven early warning system
  • SLA reporting to service providers
  • Independent risk reporting
  • Company-wide compliance rules

Investment Strategy


For more than 20 years we have been active in building and managing residential real estate portfolios for our clients.

Residential Germany

We have a long track record in managing development projects with a deep understanding for the needs of different types of tenants.

Built-to-rent Residential

Our proven performance record in the ``Residential`` asset class and strong international network allows us to offer a suitable platform for pan-European investments.

Residential Europe


Our Leadership

Experience & Responsibility

Through managing founding partners Frank Dupuis, Oliver Lenhardt and Thilo von Stechow, Deutsche Asset One forms a dedicated platform for the management of residential property investments, representing all necessary competencies of owner representation for residential properties.

Our Clients

Institutional Investors

Co-develop investment strategies for the local market, source direct investment and optimize assets / portfolios

Operational asset management platform for regulated and non-regulated funds

Provide tailor-made management functions for investment companies

Private Investors (HNWIs and family offices)

Owner representation, strategic and allocation advice

Owner representation of real estate portfolios

Sourcing, initiating and management of club deals

Private Equity Funds

Domiciliation and sub-advisory mandates for private equity funds not domiciled in Germany

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Initiative

Act as if it were your money. Identify options which others have overlooked. Be courageous and take responsibility.



Work as part of a team to achieve goals together, and communicate internally.



Take responsibility not just for your decisions, but for your actions as well, and remember that you represent the company and the investors.



Adhere to moral principles.



Demonstrate utmost expertise in every situation.



Work hard and show determination in every project.


Best Practice

Constantly improve your performance and adhere to the best practice standards in the real estate industry.

Social Responsibility

We are conscious of the fact that our responsibility extends beyond the financial sphere.



Our actions are shaped by sustainability, fairness and social consciousness.


Corporate Governance

We act transparently and seek to avoid conflicts of interest in advance, conditioned by our top-to-bottom approach and strict observance of international good corporate governance standards.


Best Practice

Each member of our management team is personally responsible for adhering to ethical principles and implementing best practice standards as essential components of our corporate philosophy.

With its corporate social responsibility program, Deutsche Asset One demonstrates its awareness of the fact that its responsibility extends beyond the financial sphere. In light of its corporate purpose, our firm feels a particular sense of responsibility for society, changes in sociocultural structures and the ecological sustainability of real estate in Germany.


In order to recognize the importance of this social and ecological responsibility, and in line with the firm’s increasing awareness for sustainability, Deutsche Asset One is currently working closely with the Institute for Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) of Steinbeis University Berlin as part of a public project of the Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund (ESF).


The goal is to implement solid and enduring corporate social responsibility measures of the firm’s operations.


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