Deutsche Asset One | Deutsche Asset One: Unser Ankaufsprofil
Willkommen zur Deutsche Asset One, dem Asset Manager for Real Estate in Deutschland. Dies ist unser Ankaufsprofil.
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Investment Profile

We have been successfully managing real estate assets for our clients for over 25 years, currently with around EUR 2,000 million in assets under management, and are constantly looking for properties that meet the following acquisition criteria.


Million Euro Investment volume 2021-2022

Object Type

New and existing construction


Major German cities and metropolitan regions, prospering growth regions with positive economic and demographic development

Transaction Volume

Individual properties from approx. EUR 10 million Portfolios up to approx. 3,000 units

Further information

Investment Focus
  • Turnkey new construction of residential project developments (construction-related or bullet payment possible)
  • Existing properties, if necessary with refurbishment requirements (Core and Core Plus)
  • Sustainable floor plan design and furnishings, compliance with modern energy and technical standards
  • Infrastructurally well-integrated micro-locations with very good transport links in an urban environment
  • Alternative forms of living (co-living, serviced apartments, senior living) with or without operator concept
  • Small commercial share possible
Transaction Structure
  • Both asset and share deals are possible.
Minimum Details
  • Object details
  • Asking price
  • List of rental and usable space / number of units
  • Annual net rent actual / Annual net rent target / area and number of vacancies
  • Object photos / renderings and floor plan structures
  • Other relevant information (status of building permit, timeline, desired payment profile, historic preservation, public funding, etc.).

Contact us:


Deutsche Asset One GmbH
p  +49. 30. 27 90 79 -10
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